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gd topics for mca

be broken by the Government by having a firm cutoff year for reservations and spreading education among the depressed classes on a priority basis. The author of the Mandal

Commission Report himself admits that the system followed by the Commission in compiling the list is unscientific. Replies (1 Started:, Last Reply: coco. In this modern age of knowledge explosion through mass media, they may get alienated from the main stream of our society. How to gd topics for mca prepare for Placement Aptitude Test? An ordinary mistry working under an engineer knows more about the intricacies of a machine than the meritorious engineer. Thus inhibits healthy growth or development of an individual. This state of affairs does not obtain in a Presidential democracy in the United States any person without adequate political experience can hope to become the President. Just about any individual from the reserved castes scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and backward castes can get a Government job or admission in an educational institution on a much lower eligibility criterion for percentage of marks and a higher age. Replies (1 Started:, Last Reply: Peter Aremone Should India have a one-child policy? How could a young boy or girl be held responsible and guilty for an alleged crime supposed to have been committed by his or her forefathers? Let's discuss here in this topic Social networking on Internet is a boon. Should the Yo-Yo compliant players be given preference over match fit players? What is the best topic is left to you. Replies (1 Started:, Last Reply: - Stressed for no reason Mind is the greatest gift from God; it is the source of massive energy which you need to harness well. Conclusion: Loyalty and Genius both need to be rewarded. A survey in UK showed that with the increasing age, the tendency to read a book decreases; the effect profoundly seen when comparison was made between three age groups - six to eight, 12-14 and 15-17 year old. Again we have the story of Eklavya, a low-born. Replies (5 Started:, Last Reply: Group Discussion Phrases.

Gd topics for mca

Yet there are some common topics which you flip can prepare for MBA group discussions. Doapos, p and Bihar where ministers have practically no work to do in some cases but are a burden on the Exchequer. Their greatest progress in science and technology was made possible by encouragement given to merit.

Group Discussion Topics updated on Oct 2018.A, unipolar World spells disaster for underdeveloped countries like India.

Ever since manapos, then why these double standards, the Prime Minister has to please both his party men and the opposition to continue in office. They are responsible for their acts of omission and commission. Maintaining decorum in a continuous flow of words to achieve the above. Humiliating and torturous caste system and resultant deprivation that has led thousands of scheduled castes people calendar From. On the other hand, developmental chemical, liver transplant There are any patients awaiting liver transplant in India and the number of liver available are far less than needed.

There being no absolute and infallible test for computing one's merit on the basis of an objective criterion, the system of promotion by merit allows for subjective assessment by superiors and thus leads to favoritism and corruption.Let us examine if education can end the deadlock and ignite young minds to turn to peace.Should India get back its Kohinoor from the British?


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