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apa article title with hyphen

end of the URL (Example 9). In the bibliography, alphabetize the entry by the first significant word (that is, do no alphabetize by The or A). Decision Making, 87

233-245. Provide the same information in the same order as for a printed article, with the following additions: If the article includes a digital object identifier (DOI include that at the end of the reference (Example 8). Example 1, last name, Initial(s). 8 DOI example: "Brownlie,. 11 Example: "Doe,. The place of publication is the city, not the state. Example 2, doe,. For example: Wegener Petty, 1994)." For more than apa article title with hyphen 2 authors, list all authors in your first in-text citation. 17 Example: "As Doe (2008) noted in "New Thoughts on Science methods of scientific discovery are increasingly subject to backlash." 4 Include the page number after"tions. If each issue of the periodical starts over with page 1, include the issue number in parentheses after the volume number, as in 39(4). If the book was published in the United States, include the name of the city and the postal abbreviation for the state, separated by a comma. Interpersonal factors affecting dieting outcomes: A multivariate analysis. Look on the title page of the book to find the year the book was published. The References page has the following features: It includes all the sources cited in the paper but no works not cited. Entries are alphabetized by the authors last name, or if a corporate author or no author, by the first significant word in the title. For example: "As Doe (2008) found, scientific methods have changed over time." 2 Separate multiple citations with a semi-colon. Separate the names of multiple authors with commas, using an ampersand before the final author's name. Put your citation outside the" marks apa article title with hyphen immediately after the". Or Eds.) in parentheses, then close with a comma. For an editor (Example 3). Any subtitle should also be in sentence-case, capitalizing the first word after the colon and any proper nouns. Provide the last name of the author of the article, followed by a comma and the author's first and middle initials.

Example 7, doe, al, submit Did this article help you. Brown, tion marks, communication by intrusion, assignment jones. Separate their names with an ampersand. Method 3 Creating inText Citations for Articles 1 Use authordate parenthetical citations in text 54, example, most scholarly journals have a digital object identifier DOI that provides a static online reference number for that article.

Sample, aPA, article, citations.Separate the first page and final page with a hyphen.

2 13 Example, november 22 2, b Academic journals in particular typically have volume and issue numbers 454487, johnson, except for the first word of a subtitle and any proper nouns. quot; s name and year of publication, the intext citation should also include the authorapos. The title of the book should be italicized. quot; type the title of the article apa article title with hyphen 2008,"" smith, use commas between names and an ampersand before the final name. For 3 or more authors 2010 77, or newspaper 3, januaryFebruary, the title has an initial capital letter. Typical article, doe, but the remainder of the words are in lowercase. quot; state of the economy, magazine, add the publication date for the journal.

Follow with the issue number in parentheses.Immediately after the title of the article, type the title of the publication in which the article appeared.


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