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air pollution essay conclusion

burning of fossil fuels. For example, the pollution level in Chandigarh city is lesser than a lot of cities in India. Furthermore, we need to conserve energy as well

as recycle things. Acid rain also causes damage to properties. Radon is a gas that combines with air through evaporation. It increases the allergenic air pollutants production. In the second place, another reason that effect the air is combustion engine exhaust. Uranium turns into Radium once it decays newspaper article primary resources afterward forming Radon. We will write a custom essay sample. It corrodes materials made of stone like statues and monuments. People get exposed to air pollution not just outdoors. Mobile sources, on personal budget assignment pdf the other hand, are motor vehicles, aircraft, and water vessels. 6 of all global deaths in 2012 as reported by WHO was from some air-pollution disease. These predominantly are sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulate matter, volcanic organic compound, radioactive pollutants, and ammonia. Indoors air pollution is equivalent or even worse than outdoor pollution. Conclusion Air pollution is a huge problem not only in India but the whole world, various organizations do their bit to make sure that plans are made to restrict air pollution, but unfortunately those plans never get executed rightly. Air pollution spreads easily as it travels into the atmosphere. Essay 2, today the world has become highly industrialized and modernized, which makes human life much easier and more comfortable. Read Also : Essay on Pollution ; Impact of Pollution on our life and environment. Instead of these vehicles, it may be better if we can walk or use the public transport, which not only save money but also reduce the production of emission. All over the world, air pollution is increasing at an alarming pace and at the same time, it has a serious effect on the earth and human health, so more and more people are concerned about. Energy conservation is important as it would lead to lesser demand of production of electricity which in turn would reduce the burden of fossil fuel burning. The burning of fossil fuel releases huge amount of noxious air in the atmosphere. Industries and vehicles emit a great deal of pollutants in the air causing health problems and other environmental problems such as global warming and deterioration of the ozone layer. What is your topic? Natural processes barely have a significant contribution in this menace. Air pollution is both natural and human-based. The health risk air pollution poses depend on the type of chemical our bodies were exposed to, and the degree of exposure. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Air Pollution specifically for you.

Read Also, pollution is of several kinds, which are released into the atmosphere. Our respiratory and cardiovascular systems get affected by air pollution. Resulting in many essays problems such as respiratory diseases or lack of food. There are lots of causes of air pollution in the world and here are a few of those causes. Bacteria that feed on decaying organic matter like plants or animals produce methane and carbon dioxide.

Air pollution is a huge problem not only in India but the whole world, various organizations do their bit to make sure that plans are made to restrict air pollution, but unfortunately those plans never get executed rightly.That is why even after knowing that the air is getting polluted.Air Pollution : Causes and Effects.

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By clicking" mining operations are done through large school equipment which release dust and chemicals during its operation. A restriction should be there on industries to use the kind of materials which causes zero to no air pollution at all. Are now getting involved in schemes like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. It may cause a little inconvenience but in the long run. Essay on Global Warming and its Impact. We can make a significant change to protect the environment as well as human health. Generate methane, if everyone unite to solve the problem. Landfills, therefore, there is an unavoidable growth in the amount of this chemical in the atmosphere. In my opinion, the good news is that the people who had no interest in cleaning their country before. There should be some policies to limit the amount of chemicals discharged into the air by the factories.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!Effects: Carbon dioxide forms 80 of greenhouse gases which is typically responsible for rising sea levels, extreme weather, warmer oceans, heat related fatalities, and transmission of infectious diseases.


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