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if i were an author essay

due to lack of medicines and doctors. Now business and industry are by and large governed by science. I would also build hospitals so as to provide them with

good medical facilities. Besides eradicating exams impact on grades, I will acknowledge and develop payton multiple intelligences through using diverse teaching approaches, materials, and activities. But actual experience shows that mans conduct is not always governed by aggression. Hence I need not offer any apologies for wishing to be a scientist. For instance, if I teach English in grade school, tests article cannot provide a sufficient way of measuring reading comprehension skills. I am also not in favor of government control. There are lay people who consider science to be the fore runner of all comfort, progress and prosperity. Personally I would try to remain clear of these temptations. This would enable me to understand the depth of the art of cinema making. After training in the fine art of acting, I would like to learn and understand the technicalities of a few other inputs in a good film. If I would follow these norms I am sure I would be able to reach the standard of my ideal,. With this vision of education, if I were a teacher, I will abolish tests, realize and nurture multiple intelligences, and teach the subject only after having a sound knowledge of my students diverse identities. I would like to build a hospital with modern facilities where people will get medical assistance free of cost. I do not want myself to be confined to the ivory tower of pure reason unmindful of the realities of life. My esteemed audience would always see me in mature roles, as an actor handling a role in a very mature and serious manner. I would make them so comfortable that even in their old age they would feel great to be alive. If they can develop strong emotions about the topics, I believe memorizing will come more easily. On the one hand, I understand that teachers have to grapple with bureaucracy which limits the innovations they can apply to improve learning outcomes.

Every human being is desirous of peace. Almost an army of scientists were employed in Germany. Progress, i can help them memorize them more naturally if they make an analysis or reaction paper about. I will teach according to my students identities because I am not only their teacher but biotechnology and medicine articles also the facilitator of their full becoming as independent and productive human beings. Merge into the character I would be depicting.

I if i were an author essay will avoid limiting if i were an author essay my students in expressing and honing their natural intelligences. Orphanages, how they study, in other words, food and clothing for the poor. I will also ask them either to write or provide a recording or video about how they see education. I desire to deeply know who they are so that I can connect my teaching to their identities and dreams in life because I believe this can make learning and studying topics more relevant and enjoyable to them. To achieve his popularity would be my ambition. Clearly, and not be just one of those who also ran. I say this because what I have seen is that the image once imprinted on the minds of the audience never really gets obliterated.


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