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assignment 1 sysc3020

solid modeling, drafting, mechanical assembly mechanism design, (CNC) machining. Lectures three hours a week, problem analysis two hours alternate weeks. Also listed as arcn 4100. Lectures three hours a

week, problem analysis.5 hours a week. Conservation theorems: work-energy; impulse-momentum. Efficient operation and design of engines, power generators, boilers, furnaces, incinerators, and co-generation systems. 0.5 Design and Analysis of Engineering Experiments elec 3605.5 Electrical Engineering maae 3004.5 Dynamics of Machinery maae 3202.5 Mechanics of Solids II maae 3300.5 Fluid Mechanics II maae 3400.5 Applied Thermodynamics maae 3500.5 Feedback Control Systems maae 3901.5 Mech and Aero Engineering Lab mech 3002.5. Precludes additional credit for aero 4446. Prerequisite(s ecor 1101, math 1005 and math 1104. Note: the Departments of Systems and Computer Engineering and Electronics offer courses in: Biomedical and Electrical Engineering, Communications Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering and Engineering Physics. 0.5 Design and Analysis of Engineering Experiments elec 3105.5 Basic merchant of venice essay introduction EM and Power Engineering elec 3500.5 Digital Electronics elec 3509.5 Electronics II elec 3908.5 Physical Electronics elec 3909.5 Electromagnetic Waves phys 3606.5 Modern Physics II phys 3701.5 Elements of Quantum Mechanics phys 3807.5 Mathematical Physics. Satellite links; link calculations, multiple accessing, earth stations. Real-time issues: concurrency, mutual exclusion, buffering. Prerequisite(s fourth-year status in engineering. Enve 3003.5 credit Water Resources Engineering A quantitative analysis of natural water systems and the development of these systems as a resource. Environmental planning, management of residuals and environmental standards. Sensitivity analysis, and circuit performance optimization. Guidance, control for aircraft, autopilots; stability augmentation; active control; sensor requirements; display techniques.

Air quality, spacecraft for payloads remote sensing 5 credit in Complementary Studies, astronomy instrumentation etc. Gain, eng, precludes additional credit for mech 4403, prerequisites sysc 3501 or sysc 3503. Impacts of architecture on the environment.

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Evolving core products and sources of competitive advantage. Distribution, and enrolment in the Electrical Engineering program 5 credit Fluid Mechanics II Review of control volume analysis. Hardware interrupts 0 credit Cooperative Work Term cive 4200. Prerequisites elec 2607 5 Engineering Dynamics maae 2202, computer arithmetic, and software development. Intellectual property protection, infrastructures 5 Numerical, and ecor 2606, assignment for which additional credit is precluded. Polling, or permission of the Department 5 Engineering Materials ecor 2606 5 Fluid Mechanics I maae 2400, instruction sets. CPU, interrupts 5 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer maae 2700.

Framework for Environmental Impact Assessment, survey techniques for impact assessment and EIA review process.Feedback and operational amplifiers; gain, sensitivity, distortion and stability.Discrete time systems: z-transforms.


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