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ahmed rashid articles

passionate debate about the real issues that people face - the crumbling economy, joblessness, the rising cost of living, crime and the lack of investment in health and education

or settling the long-running insurgency in Balochistan province. One of the insistences of the Americans is that Pakistan, which has harbored a lot of the Taliban and their leaders, should now help deliver the Taliban to the peace table. Sohail Ansari, Wisconsin, USA. It's a nuclear-armed country with more than 193 million people. And, sadly, we know how long that particular internal strife took to play out. It's a very controversial issue, but I don't think, frankly, any claims to being a good Pashtun is going to help him. I don't think these countries can deliver that kind of money to Pakistan, and Pakistan will have to go to the IMF, which will come with, of course, conditionalities. The world's first ostensibly modern Islamic state, carved out of India on the basis of religion, has become its most pathetic, held together tenuously only by a hatred of 'the other' that is systematically nurtured by the establishment, read the military. Suicide bombers strike almost daily and the economic meltdown just seems to get worse. The Team, aina, accessed October 24, 2007. Over a pasta lunch, Ahmeds Spanish wife tells me with a laugh how anxious her family back home still is about her safety, two decades after she left Spain. Zafar, Sydney, Australia He doesn't even have a clue on what he is talking about. Another insists that it will never air anything that is sympathetic to India, while all of them bring on pundits - often retired hardline diplomats, bureaucrats or retired Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) officers who sport Taliban-style beards and give viewers loud, angry crash courses in anti-Westernism. From Ahmed's hazardous vantage point, short-sighted political appointees have overruled America's foreign reminiscing policy bureaucracy, making expertise like his less relevant - and that has created a more hazardous region for everyone. It doesn't want to play a political or military role in Afghanistan, and it realizes that if it does so it will permanently antagonize Pakistan. Many of these Pakistani extremist groups are holed up in Afghanistan, where they are living side by side with al-Qaeda and some of the Central Asian militant groups, and of course the Afghan Taliban are hosting them. These are just the kind of blatantly contradictory and nut-case conspiracy theories that get enormous traction on TV channels and in the media - especially when voiced by such senior former officials. In this equation the Taliban have entered as a loose canon that challenges the regressive status quo and hence have found favour with the public in the past. The US is pursuing its own interests in Central Asia - what is good for it is not necessarily good for Pakistan. Thank you, Ahmed, for being here. Akram, NYC, USA Ahmed Rashid is among a dwindling number of wise people in Pakistan whose equations voices are being drowned out by a rising, shrill cacophony of madness. The Pakistani people clearly live in a state of denial. As we see from here is that media in Pakistan is becoming a part of "Might is Right" like many other powers. In the 1980s, he discussed Islamic resistance with ambassadors over tea. Joanne myers: There is a lot at stake for sure. But people are desperate to see an end to the war. So now there is a lot of questioning by Pakistani businessmen and even people inside Imran's own cabinet that we should be reconsidering this whole Chinese package because it's just piling in more debt. Collapse of confidence, pakistan is going through a multi-dimensional series of crises and a collapse of public confidence in the state. Surely somebody is supporting them.

Ahmed is one of South Asiaapos. Every talk show host seems to have his own agenda and his guests reflect that agenda rather than offer alternative policies. He likes the salvation army news article system of justice that the tribes have.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow.Ahmed, rashid is the author of Pakistan on the Brink: The Future of America, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and several books on Afghanistan and Central Asia, including The Resurgence of Central Asia, Islam or Nationalism.

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A constitutional law in canada news articles spindly man with a fat shotgun guards the iron gate entrance. Lahore, troops and militants are fighting canadian literature famous writers in South Waziristan. T tend to hire local people and then train them up so that you are left with a technical workforce which is local. And there is an end to the civil war in Afghanistan.

Until Bush came into office, Ahmed thought his words mattered to America.I am also not surprised why you guys choose to publish this article.United Nations General Assembly, the foreign minister was here, and he was not able to really set out a new direction for Pakistan's foreign policy, which is in itself a very big issue for the international community because we continue to harbor.


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