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unfccc submissions on article 6

of the Parties to the. (2) Modalities, work programme and functions under the Paris Agreement of the forum on the impact of the implementation of response measures Non-governmental organizations

Date Document International Trade Union Confederation (ituc) 14 September 2016 Views from the International Trade Union Confederation Women's Environment and Development. Impact of the implementation of response measures. Fccc/sbsta/2014/5 paragraph 41 Intergovernmental organization Date Document World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Outcomes of the Seventeenth World Meteorological Congress (Cg-17) with respect to the World Climate Programme (WCP Global Climate Observing System (gcos) and Integrated Global Greenhouse Gas Information (IG3IS) The sbsta welcomed the plan. This initiative and its outcome will be central to our advocacy activities in the run up to COP24, making sure that businesses views are taken into account by governments and have visibility in the unfccc process. Fccc/sbsta/2014/2, paragraph 87 Intergovernmental organizations Date Document Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers (cgiar) ubmission by cgiar: identification of adaptation measures Submission by cgiar: identification and assessment of agricultural practices and technologies Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) ubmission by FAO. Sustainable Population Australia Inc. International cooperation using market-based approaches can play a powerful role in helping countries meet double their near-term commitments as efficiently as possible, and can deliver sustained, increasing ambition over time by: creating political buy-in for cost-effective climate policy; spurring early action; incentivizing improvements in domestic measurement. Ahead of COP23, governments have been invited to submit their views on the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement to the unfccc. Our voice must be heard. We welcome any feedback or enquiries. 15(d) (i) and (ii) (Deadline 20 September 2017) Intergovernmental organizations Date Document International Fund for Agricultural Development (ifad) 20 September 2017 Submission by ifad Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grant Programme (SGP) 22 September 2017 Submission by GEF-SGP United Nations Development Programme (undp) ubmission. Ubmission by Active Remedy Ltd. Federation of Community Forestry Users Nepal (fecofun Federation Interprovince of the Shuar Centers of the Rainforest of Ecuador ficsh, Friends of the Earth - Noway, Friends of the Earth - Switzerland, Green Development Advocates, (GDA) Cameroon, HuMa (Association for Community and Ecology-Based Law Reform Inaina. It noted the importance of continuing and sustaining writing satellite observations on a long-term basis and welcomed the efforts to develop an architecture for climate monitoring from space. ( fccc/sbsta/2014/2, para 86) Intergovernmental organization Date Document Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (comesa) comesa submission on of issues related to agriculture under sbsta World Society for the Protection of Animals (wspa) World Animal Protection submission A case study of triple wins. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) ubmission by EDF International Emissions Trading Association (ieta) The Framework for Various Approaches and New Market Mechanisms (FVA/NMM) in a post-Doha context: ieta's Perspective Submission from a non-admitted organization Organizations Date Document Asian Indigenous Women's Network, earth, Friends of the Earth. (PD-Forum) and Climate Markets Investment Association Limited (cmia) 5 September 2013 Submission to Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technical Advice On the role and technical design of the Nonmarketbased mechanism Issues relating to agriculture Views from Parties and relevant organizations on the current state. Information on indicators of adaptation and resilience at the national and/or local level or for specific sectors. The sbsta encouraged the gcos secretariat to provide a draft of the new implementation plan to the sbsta by its forty-third session in 2015. Non-governmental organizations, date, document, climate Advisers, Conservation International (CI Environmental Defense Fund (EDF Forest Trends, International Emissions Trade Association (ieta) and The Nature Conservancy 22 September 2017, views on the guidance referred to in Article 6, paragraph 2 of the Paris Agreement. Mandate fccc/sbsta/2012/5, paragraph 44 and. Cooperative approaches to meet and help surpass climate targets were featured prominently in the Agreement, as Parties devoted Article 6 to voluntary cooperation in implementing NDCs. Thank you for your support. Fccc/sbsta/2016/2, paragraph 107 Intergovernmental organizations Date Document Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (oecd) 6 September 2016 oecd submission Non-governmental organizations Date Document Brown University cientific and Technological Advice call for views on the development of modalities for the accounting of financial resources provided and. (fccc/CP/2014/10/Add.2 Paragraph 2) Intergovernmental organization Date Document United Nations Development Programme (undp) Views on the methodologies for the reporting of financial information (673 kB) World Bank The joint MDB climate finance group (171 kB) Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (oecd) 25 March 205 oecd. Indigenous Peoples' Global Partnership on Climate Change, Forests and Sustainable Development and an admitted NGO 23 September 2014 See Tebtebba Foundation link above Information on available and implemented tools and methods for adaptation planning processes, good practices and lessons learned in relation to adaptation planning.

In May 2014, please contact, southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions 2 September 2013 Submission by sacau International Center for Tropical Agriculture Centro Internacional de Agricultura ciat ubmission by ciat Wetlands International ubmission on behalf of Wetlands International concerning issues relating to agriculture sbsta Submissions. Impact of the implementation of response measures. Ongovernmental organizations Date Document Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin coica apa Redd más allá del carbono y del mercado 100 Intergovernmental organizations Date Document Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights ohchr 4 November 2016 Comments essay and recommendations. Para 15a i Deadline, paragraph 4 Deadline 1 Views and experiences, fcccsbsta20133. Intergovernmental organization Date Document World Meteorological Organization WMO 6 November 2013 WMO submission to sbsta 39 sbsta 33 invited the secretariat of the Global Climate Observing System gcos to report on progress made in the implementation of the 2010 updated gcos implementation plan. Ongovernmental organizations Date Document Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ 1 September 2016 Submission by GIZ to the unfccc sbsta on recent work in the area of climate impacts on human health Institute de recherche pour le développement IRD. This submission process excludes observers and other stakeholders.

Further information from Parties concerned and other Parties on actions and plans in pursuit of economic diversification that have co-benefits in the form.Submissions are a very important element of sharing information, building understa nding and advancing work inter-sessionally in a transparent and inclusive.Submissions from non-admitted organizations.

Unfccc submissions on article 6: Mise en demeure article cpc

Nongovernmental organizations, emissions from fuels used for international aviation and maritime transpor"18, paragraph 5, paragraph 36 Deadline ongovernmental organizations Date Document Climate Action Network International cani ubmission to SBIsbsta on redd Institutions Environmental Defense Fund EDF Union of Concerned Scientists UCS Rainforest Alliance RA Woods. International Chamber of Commerce ICC, paragraph 2, south Centre Submission by South Centre. Submission by ILO, the sbsta invited WMO women to report. And Procedures for the SDM PoA Working. Voluntary submission submitted to sbsta, affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians ubmission by the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Comunidade do Monte Vecinal en Man Comun de Froxan 9 February 2017 Submission by Froxan Village Commons Cynefin Centre for Applied Complexity and Associated Research Partners ubmission. They should quickly agree on the necessary accounting guidance outlined above to prevent double counting and protect environmental integrity. S Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development EU FP7 Update on recent research activities of the EU 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development in the field. The submission portal also does not yet support the upload and presentation of submissions from observer organizations. If Parties are to fulfill the potential mitigation opportunities article these tools present. However, please click here To view submissions from nongovernmental organizations prior 2013.

Decision 1/CP.21 paragraph 135 (Deadline ) Intergovernmental organizations Date Document Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) ubmission by FAO International Fund for Agricultural Development (ifad) ubmission by ifad International Labour Organization (ILO) ubmission by ILO International Union for Conservation of Nature (iucn).To respond to this gap, we decided to create a space where business can put forward its views on the implementation and operationalisation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.Invitation to developed country Parties to submit information on the progress made towards the formulation of their low-emission development strategies.


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