Writing for love: 3d letter u in a popup way easy writeing

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3d letter u in a popup way easy writeing

the Page. 10 4 Glue paper cups to the cardboard letters. This fantastic technique was shown to us by Saul Griffith, who publishes a series of how-to comic strips

called. 14 writeing Community Q A Search Add New Question Question What tape must I use? You may use normal printer paper. 1 2 2, use an image editor to decorate. Step 5: Score the Dotted Lines at the Top, Bottom, and Middle of the Letters. How tall your cups are will roughly correspond with how thick your letters will. Wrap it tightly around your letter so that it sticks to both the top and bottom cardboard faces. UpUpAndAway includes a Popup face with guidelines in place? Apply a light dab of paste or go over each tab with a glue stick before placing it under the visible portion of your model. Submit Tips If you have access to a 3D printer, making letters and words is a great way to learn how to use this technology. Take a paper strip and moisten its adhesive. If you don't have a bone folder handy, you can also use the bottom edge of a ballpoint pen instead. Use your home printer to transfer your templates onto paper. After downloading your template, you may choose to customize it with image editing software of your choice. Do not allow any part of the cups to go over the edge of the letter. 3, write your chosen letters or word on the second quarter from letter the bottom. Upload error Awesome picture! Brown paper tape is a packing supply material. When using a hobby knife, be sure to work on a protective mat to keep from ruining your table. Fold the sheet into a box with the letters as the front side, the strips above them as the top, the quarter you originally drew them on as the bottom, and the quarter the strips were cut from as the back. Decorative materials, such as acrylic paint, are optional. For most papercraft templates, dotted lines represent those that need to be scored. If they are letters that don't typically have straight top and bottom edges, like C or O, cut them off slightly. Pick the type that both fits your project and matches your skill level. You may also use other types of paper. The top and bottom quarters can be folded under the box and secured with either tape or glue. Draw a letter that is at least the width of your cups' mouth in all areas. 11 5 Glue the second letter onto the opposite ends of the cups.

Your template will likely indicate where glue should be placed to hold together the final sculpture 12 6 Cover the letter with paper tape. T worry about erasing mistakes or making it neat. By using our site, draw straight lines upward from the top edges of each letter. Donapos 3 Trace your letter cutout onto either cardboard or chipboard. S glue tabs will likely be plain white strips around the perimeter of the cutout. Try to decorate them similarly to create a theme. Saul helped us design a Popup face for our font. You may cut out the center white space research of certain letters like R or leave them. Decorate the letters with markers or pens.

Use this simple technique to turn any simple font into a full 3D pop-out.Font to make this process even easier :m/article.Carefully cut all the way through the paper on the solid outlines on the sides of the letters.

Fold the lines you scored inward. Do not cut the tops and bottoms. Make two additional creases by folding each half the same way but towards the opposite direction of the original crease. Did you try these steps, the unfolded printout will likely not resemble your letter. Upload a picture medicine for other readers to see. Method 2 Making Pop Up Letters. Such as a new clean kitchen sponge. You will also need a method of dampening the paper tape without soaking. Tell us more about it writing 8 Method 3 Sculpting Large Letters 1 Gather your materials.

3, print your letters.However, using an image editor will guarantee uniformity between your letters and make them look more professional.Step 1: Print Out the Words You Would Like to Throw Into 3D Perspective on a Sheet of Paper.


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