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flood essay

affected. In Bengal, there was a terrible flood in 1913. Rain-water falls on big mountains as well as upon plains. It results in loss of life, rise in

diseases, price rise, economic loss and destruction of the environment among other issues. Against the Male Flood presents the. These spread over several kilometres and mostly impact the low lying areas. Floods in Bangladesh Introduction: Water and water Water every where. These floods are characterized by concentrated and rapid runoff giving very high discharges over short periods of time. Water accumulated due to flood in such areas may cause harm to property and can also be a cause of various diseases. Railway lines remain under water, and sometimes, these are also washed away. Flash floods mostly occur within a very short duration of time such as a few hours or even minutes. The quantity of water and rate of its flow is controlled in water flow system. Co Flash floods are a quick and sudden flood that occurs in a usually dry valley. The flood is caused in many ways. Read this essay on Flood as a Social Problem. Words: 658 Pages: 2 Paragraphs: 7 Sentences: 67 Read Time: 02:23. Unimaginable damage will be caused 1 Class 11 (High School) The Prominent Issue Of Flooding Words: 545 Pages: 2 Paragraphs: 5 Sentences: 30 Read Time: 01:58 The prominent issue of flooding caused by excessive littering should be addressed and rectified. But these dams sometimes become full to the brim. Thus the flood is a horror, and its aftereffects are more horrible. Although our area was a flood-prone area, many were caught by surprise as this was not the monsoon season. By Daily Cal Photo Staff. The rain water of mountains flows down the river. A flood scene: Essay Topics-New Speech Essay Topic. In 1987, a terrible flood affected Assam, North Bengal, North Bihar and eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. Rapid On-set Floods, these take a slightly longer to build and can last for a day or two. Hi all, As of all of us knew that flood is a natural disasters and which will. In case of severe floods, the affected regions take years to re-build. How to Control the Problem Caused Due to Floods?

A flood is caused by the melting of snows on the mountains which incr. The water of the tanks and wells gets polluted. They are highly localized phenomenon and are generally caused by cloud burst during monsoons. Show Topics, they were constructed in a haphazard way. S a list of Flood Essay topics. In coastal articling areas hurricanes and tsunamis cause flood. These can be removed once the water recedes.

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Heavy rainfall occurring for a short period of time can cause flood while on other occasions light rainfall that goes on for days may result in flood like situation. That in turn results in flood. Overflowing of water bodies and hurricanes can be difficult to control however these can be predicted in most cases and the writing government can take measures to ensure that water logging. The larger the font size the more popular the keyword. Then the water flows down the river and floods the adjacent lands. Melting of snowmountains, at times, a flood is caused by the melting of snows on the mountains which incr. A multipronged approach consisting of measures of prevention. Management, forecasting and early warning are needed to manage flood situation properly.

One of the hardest-hit regions is the north.Regions hit by severe floods take months and at times even years to rebuild.


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