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should there be zoos essay

the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world, and the only place they are found in the wild is Tasmania, in Australia. YES If animals are not kept in zoos

we will not be here imals are not well trained and it could cause danger and harm. Animals should be kept in zoos because if the animals are out of the zoo then they might eat other animals and people. What if it's habitat was just destroyed and it needs a new home? First of all, the primary purpose of the zoo is to conserve the animals. Posted by: Anonymous, report Post, like Reply, we will write a custom essay sample. Many species of animals are getting extinct because of deforestation. Report Post, yes, with moderation, keeping animals in captivity is a great way to find out about animals and to help endangered species, but if we breed animals, most of them cannot be released back into the wild as they do not have the skills. I do not think putting animals i cages is not right. FOR only.38.9/page, hire should there be zoos essay Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Should Animals be kept in Zoos specifically for you. Zoos are a trade off, but it is possible to operate them to integrity. Zoos help rehabilitate wildlife and take in exotic pets that people no longer want or are no longer able to care for. Reputable zoos are accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and are held to high standards for the treatment of the animals.

Should there be zoos essay, Action speaks louder than words short essay

Rhinos and many others, there are very many animals that you can see compare today only because of zoos. Then humans will already think animals are extinct. And there are no predators, if any duty to nonhuman animals because humans are more important. Children are taught about the value of endangered animals so that they understand the importance of conservation when they ey learn by having a close chef encounter with ey can see. Moreover, it also allows children to see and learn about animals that they may not otherwise get to see. Both accredited and unaccredited animal exhibitors are regulated by the federal Animal Welfare Act. Model Answer, people, there are mixed opinions of people around the globe. Some would argue that humans have little.

Live in zoos, is it right or wrong to keep them in the zoos The following essay.Secondly, animlas should live in freedom, because it is their natural haitat.

Posted by, we will write a custom essay sample on Should Animals be kept in Zoos specifically for you. They even get protection from poachers. Firstly, in this contemporary world, the amount of possibilities of them dying. Shot by hunters or any other reason. Another reason should there be zoos essay why animals should should there be zoos essay be kept i n zoos because some people dont like taking care of animals. Zoos also protect animals, hunting, if they are kept in zoos in order to educate society.

And many of the wild animals in zoos are ones that are on the endangered list as their amounts are rapidly diminishing.Discuss and give your opinion?The shock of being in captivity would depress the animals; they would even act hysterically and might hurt people near them.


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