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sigmund freud essay on psychoanalysis

the family years ago. Yet importantly, these memories remain active in the unconscious and can reappear in consciousness under certain circumstances and can cause problems for us even in

the unconscious. Although born to a relatively poor Jewish family, Freud originally planned to study law at the University of Vienna but later changed his mind and opted for medicine. She takes on the motherly role throughout the show. While we have in some respects rejected some of his theories in light of new evidence it was his ideas which provided a platform for other psychologists, philosophers, therapists and doctors tok to build on an explore. The superego develops in response to parental rewards and punishments. The balancing act between these two aspects of the psyche can sometimes be difficult for the Ego and so it employs a variety of different tools to help mediate known as Defence Mechanisms. Since the separation of the two, the eldest child, Fiona, looks after the family, financially and emotionally, with the help of her boyfriend, Steve. In his mind it does not matter what is right or wrong, what hurts other people and what does not etc., he is just so selfish and his urges, impulses, and desires, are so very strong that he does whatever means necessary to satisfy them. Freuds Main Theories, psychosexual Development The Oedipus Complex. Freud adopted Breuer's method and called it free association which became one of the three fundamental tools of psychoanalysis. As such, it is the role of Ego to strike a balance between the demanding id, versus the self- critical super ego. Freud also believed that personality was composed of three major systems: the id, the ego and the superego. It is this portion of the mind that Freud sought to explore with the use of free association. (From Gross, R (1996) Psychology, The Science of Mind and Behaviour, page 508).8.2 freud'S structure OF personality. One could describe Frank as a total hypocrite being as most of the time he self-righteously preaches about the political and social problems around him, yet he spends all of his time developing ways to cheat the system and scheme people to make money. Quite early on in his treatment of patients with neurological disorders, Freud realised that symptoms which had no organic or bodily basis could imitate the real thing and that they were as real for the patient as if they had been neurologically caused. So he began to search for psychological explanations of these symptoms and ways of treating them. The small part that shows above the surface of the water represents conscious experience ; the much larger mass below the water level represents the unconscious - a storehouse of impulses, passions, and inaccessible memories that affect our thoughts and behaviour.

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This part of the mind is the one that although we are not consciously aware of whats in it at nanny all times. B The ego, and how after do these theories relate. Nor was everybody capable of being hypnotised.

Over time the therapy has been replaced by more modern theory. From this he went on to explore the influence of unconscious thought processes on various aspects of human behaviour and felt that amongst these forces the most powerful were the sexual desires in childhood mentally which were repressed from the conscious mind. S theories and to raise the main issues.

Freud also added a third level to our psyche known as the preconscious or subconscious mind.Some examples of defence mechanisms are: Displacement :.e.


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