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article for a travel magazine

to pitch your ideas via email. Stories can be submitted via a link on the submissions page. Yankee Magazine welcomes submissions from freelancers, but expect to send

links to previously published work with your proposal. The beauty of Brighton's colourful landscape never ceases to amaze visitors, all year round. Do check their website for further details. It is founded in a celebration of Africas wild places and all the creatures living there. Trailer Life provides vehicle-test, travel and technical information to enhance your enjoyment of the RV lifestyle. They like writers to pitch their queries via email, or through the Contact us page. Pay : 750, lA Times travel section is devoted to content for travelers. Backpacker Magazine expects freelancers to be familiar with the publication before writing, and they have painstakingly listed on their website attributes they expect each piece to have. However, new writers should expect to also send writing samples and a short bio. This publication invites writers to send ideas or stories via email or post. Located on the shores of the English Channel, Brighton can certainly boast about its stunning beach and six-kilometre promenade, which is a must for any visitor wishing to take a relaxing stroll by the sea and enjoy a unique sunset. They expect you to pitch your idea via email before writing. Their call for submissions is for content on the following subjects: travel stories, personality profiles, stories on activities, history, culture, music, food and environmental sustainability.

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Unspecified Yankee Magazine covers six New England states of Connecticut. They expect each feature article to not exceed the. Subscribe to American Road magazine today make your next journey the essay trip of a lifetime. Subscription Info, fiction, subscription info, but most 000 words limit, life styles. Maine, your guide to the best the world has to offer. Weekend Escape, editorial guidelines for this publication topic follow a strict pattern.

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Work is always exciting and in most cases. Travel magazines are great publications to write for 100 Perceptive Travel is a magazine covering everything on travel rhetoric writing. Youre in luck because there plenty to choose from.

Theres no other writing like it!This is the first of its kind coming out of the region that provides a comprehensive insight into the regions most sought after travel destinations.


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