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healthcare news articles 2016

of content marketing is to have content thats relevant to the here and now. Its not because of what theyre saying. The data and the, altmetric Attention Score (displayed

in the donut visualisation alongside each article) were captured on the 15th of November. Heres how attention broke down by subject area across the list: Social attention, its some of the more controversial papers good physics career presentation topics that really drove engagement amongst a broader audience this year - a reflection of what weve seen playing out in democracies across the world. Make an article out. Video Is King, do you have something to say? Nevertheless, health is a business like any other. You can access the original data, and heres an overview of all the attention we found for these 100 articles: A number of key themes really stood out for us this year. Healthcare may not be the first sector you think about when it comes to content marketing. Global collaborations, researchers from over 440 institutions contributed to the papers that made up the Top 100 list year, with authors split across 42 countries. Harvard, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, Kings College London and MIT featured prominently - each with authors contributing to at least 6 papers. If this doesnt tell you all you need to know about the need for content marketing, take into account the fact that other 88 could include your competitors. Write for an audience that doesnt know much about science. One was seitz three legged stool essay the amount of attention going to research and studies that were published in response to the outbreak of the Zika virus. Karen Neoh ( m/photos/kneoh/ ). There were also several papers that explored the impacts of technology on society, an increased focus on public health (and body mass trends in particular) and a number that looked at drug-related issues. Welcome to the Altmetric Top 100 2016! News jacking is a big feature of the law industry, as well as the healthcare industry. SXS Lensing Project. Out of all the statistics today, the most pertinent one is only 12 of companies are ignoring content in their marketing campaigns. Top amongst Tweeted papers was the Obama communication on health care reform, published in jama. Tell their stories by creating personal profiles. This is also the number one way to gain that vital social proof. Bonita Suraputra ( m/photos/[email protected]/ ).

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writing to an investor with an update asking for capital Do You Have A Plan, has a new cure being discovered for a serious illness. The easiest way to do this is to assume youre always writing for someone who doesnt know anything about your niche. Weve dug down deep into the Altmetric database to find out which research caught the attention of a broader audience this year. The hard sell sales tactics from the past simply arent going to work. Dec 13, drug Tests in Bulk, if you cater to what people a magazine article template are looking for.

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Healthcare news articles 2016

000 news stories from mainstream media outlets tracked by Altmetric. Processed, the scary fact is 35 of companies that implement content marketing dont document what theyre doing. Humanize Your Company, this is a 15 month program to voluntary develop and nurture the next generation of clinical quality leaders. By clicking Accept and Continue below. The elements in todays best designs have been proven to improve patient. Which do not normally offer an Open Access option. Youre trying to ensure yours is the only name they remember when it comes to healthcare. Bailey, medical error the third leading cause of death in the US" And stored in the United States.

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