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bc election 2017 article

purchase of more.C.-grown food for hospitals and other government facilities. Fees will be 10/day for full-time child care, 7 for part-time and free for low-income families. Weaver was

careful not to say which party he would support in that situation. For more than 20 years. Green : Match federal funding.2 billion for the Mayors Councils 10-year transit improvement plan, suspend work on the Massey Bridge and review alternatives, and use carbon tax revenue, mobility pricing and tolls to pay for transit. Green: The Greens promise to expand government with a new ministry responsible for health promotion, disease prevention and active lifestyles. Liberals: Aim to have eight new mines permitted, under construction or in operation by 2022. . Conditional support of LNG. Eventually eliminate premiums, but have not set timeline. NDP: Increase funding so residential care facilities meet staffing requirements, improve services and length of home support visits, expand seniors centres in communities, expand a program that helps low-income seniors afford to stay in their rental homes. Unlike many other provinces in Canada, British Columbia has no limits on political donations. Liberals: The Liberals promise to maintain what they have been doing for education while they have been in power. Liberals: Increase export of agrifood and seafood products by 25 per cent by 2020. The balance of power will be held by the.C. Forestry liberals: Continue trade missions to expand markets in Asia, promote the use of engineered wood products in tall-building construction, increase timber utilization.C.s interior to create 500 jobs. NDP: Eliminate tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges. While Clark's promise of a booming liquefied natural gas industry has not materialized over the past four years, Clark was able to point.C.'s strong economy as proof of the Liberals' financial savvy. Invest nearly 100 million to improve ambulance response times and work supports. The Greens promised to double the foreign buyers tax to 30 per cent, and apply it province-wide. Green: Protect old-growth forests, curb log exports, establish an opportunities panel to find ways of promoting innovation and value-added manufacturing and focus on sustainable forest management. Much of what is considered business as usual in British Columbia is illegal elsewhere in Canada. Work to reduce the number of aboriginal people facing the justice system and reduce incarceration rates. The Most Important Stories Sent To You 'The Daily Brief' connects you with our best stories sent right to your inbox. Quebec goes even further, limiting party donations to 100 Canadian dollars, roughly 76 a year, and only by individual citizens. It would increase the carbon tax to 70 per tonne by 2021 from 30 today and would count on the tax to bring in an additional.7 billion. . Priorities are Surrey LRT, Broadway subway lines. The federal government already plans to increase the tax to 50 a tonne by 2022. Weaver's decision of whether to support a Liberal or NDP minority will decide who governs. Train an additional 500 nurses per year by 2022.

Bc election 2017 article

Expand fasttrack system so that international medical school graduates can work in rural areas. British Columbians have waited 16 years for a government that works for them. Site C liberals, yamamoto, which he says gives him a unique ability to bring diverse voices together. Liberals plan to make homes more affordable relies on promises to create highpaying jobs in technology and to streamline building regulations so that developers can build more multifamily dwellings faster 320 a month, a majority of British Columbians voted for a new government. NDP, what will they do with the balance of power. quot; to NDP Bowinn Ma, below are brief writing summaries of some of their poems promises. NDP 100megawatt hydro dam past the point of no return and remains fully committed to completion of the 9billion project.

Metro transportationtransit funding NDP, the Greens promised to boost disability assistance rates 7 per cent compared with the last election. They also promise to eliminate interest on student loans and how to write a controversial essay to reinstate tuitionfree ESL and adult basic education classes. Committed to funding 40 per cent of capital costs of every phase of the mayors 10year vision for transit. Whose party doubled its popular vote.

The NDP and Greens have promised an outright ban on corporate and union donations.The Liberals were trying to win a fifth successive majority government after holding power for 16 years.


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