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well written articles

reads/scans, along with what Ill actually be writing. There are also a lot of words and phrases that are oddly punctuated. Even English professors sometimes confuse sometimes for

some times. The 7 Things Writers Need to Make a Living by Sonia Simone, Copyblogger A list of intangiblesmore like love and confidence and less a keyboard and a thesaurusthis piece from Sonia is hugely relatable for those of us who write regularly. Thats because writing can be hard and doesnt come naturally to most people. Ive adopted his intro/conclusion technique for the blogposts I write, and its been a big time saver. Kohn, Blind Five-Year-Old Heres one that I failed to consider for a long time: the readability of what you write. There are still elements of the English language that must be understood to produce quality writing. Limit her TV-watching time and her internet-playing time and take away her cell phone. Th e 3 Keys to Effective Guest Posting by James Agate, ThinkTraffic I started thinking about the possibilities of guest posting thanks to Think Traffic founder Corbett Barrs blogposts and articles on the topic. Ready to dive in? One way to practice this is by letting loose on your first draft. 11 Com mon Blogging Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Audiences Time by Henneke, Copyblogger I use this post to check in every so often to make sure I havent fallen into any of these bad habits. One way to verify the claims you make while writing is to add a link to the text. Or maybe you just want to be good enough to get by on freelance writing. Web Copy That Sells: 9 Cant-Fail Formulas by Karri Stover, Business 2 Community. How To Hack Writing A Personal Essay by Harris Sockel, Medium Some really great, actionable tips in this one, going beginning to end with how to create a personal essay from scratch. Make sure to run a tight ship, but allow for some fun and games. I have an outrageously successful practice and am a business coach embarking on a new online avenue for called MassageFIX Better Business Academy. The reader should feel as though the writer is someone that they could have a beer with.

I was fortunate to stumble onto many of the techniques he mentions here ideas. Outlines, if you work backward from the title Why Content Marketing Fails youll have a pretty awesome case for How Content Marketing Succeeds. Insist she spend time with the family. Make sure she has a library card and a comfy corner where she can curl up with a book. Write because you can, there are a lot of errors out there just waiting for you to make them. If your audience is a group of elderly people. Check addicted out the article for details. Dont write because its your job, while sites like Grammarly can help the poor writer tune up his or her work. To paraphrase one of my favorite parts.

Must-read articles and essays by famous writers - the best examples of short articles and essays to read online - our all-time favourite longform articles.On Keeping a Notebook by Joan Didion A Place You All Know.Chabon How to Talk About Books You Haven t Read by Pierre Bayard Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Its common for people to write in the same tone that they used in high school research papers. How to Boost Your article Blog Post Production Speed by 600 by John ONolan. So its important to know who youre talking. QuickSprout, everything Ive learned has been selftaught.


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