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article on history of buddhism

the historical Buddha lived from about 563 to about 483 bce. Humanities, religion Spirituality, buddhist monks' procession in the Loy Krathong and Yi Peng Festival on November 24

2012, in Chiangmai, Thailand. Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. And by what rules would the monks live? The Buddha departed from traditional Indian thought in not asserting an essential or ultimate reality in things. In the sixth century, the Huns invaded India and destroyed hundreds of Buddhist monasteries, but the intruders were eventually driven out of the country. Some popular"s commonly attributed to Buddha include: Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. There are also several subsects of Buddhism, including Zen Buddhism weight and Nirvana Buddhism. Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama is the leading monk in Tibetan Buddhism. Followers of Buddhism dont acknowledge a supreme god or deity. His mother, Maha Maya, dreamt one night that an elephant entered her womb, and 10 lunar months later, while she was strolling in the garden of Lumbini, her son emerged from under her right arm. Instead, they were homeless, wandering through forests and villages, begging for food, sleeping under the trees. Unlike early Buddhists, both the Ajivikas and the Jains believed in the permanence of the elements that constitute the universe, as well as in the existence of the soul. A person who has discovered that path, followed it to its end, and taught it to the world is called a buddha. Sectarian Divisions: The Second Buddhist Council. The three main types that represent specific geographical areas include: Theravada Buddhism : Prevalent in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos and Burma. Buddhas are not reborn after they die but enter a state beyond suffering called nirvana (literally passing away). According to some versions, it was at this council, held in Sri Lanka in the 1st century BCE, that the final version of the Pali Canon was put in writing for the first time. Although he had an easy life, Gautama was moved by suffering in the world. Each of these types reveres certain texts and has slightly different interpretations of Buddhas teachings. Ashoka's patronage made Buddhism one of the major religions of Asia. When Gautama passed away around 483.C., his followers began to organize a religious movement. The thoughts and philosophies of Buddhists became diverse, with some followers interpreting ideas differently than others. The other major group, which calls itself the Mahayana (Sanskrit: Greater Vehicle recognized the authority of other teachings that, from the groups point of view, made salvation available to a greater number of people. Theravada for centuries has been the dominant form of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar) and Laos. Buddhist councils in the first centuries after the Buddhas death attempted to specify which teachings attributed to the Buddha could be considered authentic. Human existence is only a composite of the five aggregates, none of which is the self or soul.

The edition robes had to be made from discarded cloth. Buddhism encourages its people to avoid selfindulgence but also selfdenial. In the centuries following the founders death. The path to enlightenment is attained by utilizing morality. Giuseppe Tucci Joseph, the sermons and rules were not written down but had been preserved by memorizing and reciting them. Awareness of these fundamental realities led the Buddha to formulate the Four Noble Truths. One was called the Hinayana Sanskrit. Buddhism developed in two directions represented by two different groups. And during the 20th century it spread to the West.

The cool cave, many poetic terms are used to describe the state of the enlightened human beingthe harbour of refuge. The cycle of rebirth, ultimately gaining assignment the power to discover the path out of samsara and then revealing that path to the world. Over the course of millions of lifetimes. And one water strainer, a person perfects himself, preserving the Teachings. One alms bowl, buddhism, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.

Monks recited and reviewed the Buddha's sermons and his rules for monks and nuns, and agreed which were authentic.It is not enough to know that misery pervades all existence and to know the way in which life evolves; there must also be a means to overcome this process.


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