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hedging in academic writing

address the problem of excessive drinking (Shore and Rivers, 1985). Assumption, possibility, indication) Theres no way she will pass the job interview. Users: Address the effects of alcohol use

over time and the physiological effects of alcohol; teach bartending for nonalcoholic drinks. Counseling AND alcohol education programs. It is conceivable that. When interpreting this finding, it is worth noting that recent surveys have revealed that English is less widely known among Hong Kong people in their sixties and seventies than those in the 40-60 and 20-40 age groups (Chan, 2004). It is almost certain these changes can be attributed. Note: As I typed the sentence above it occurred to me that it would (could?!) be more convincingly written as: The overuse of hedging will lead your reader to wonder, where is the author of this piece, and where do they really stand on these. One possible factor behind the use of English in this situation is that their relatives live in an English-speaking country. For specific problems, such as the rise in drinking while driving, for example, the causes seem to be complicated. Criticizing mistakes and correcting them is part of scientific method, journal proofreading and is therefore common, and is regarded by researchers as a good thing. Hedging language is also known as cautious language or vague language. This pattern is increasing among college students at the same time that it is decreasing among their non-college age mates and among high school students (Johnston and others, 1986). Going solely by the title of this post, youd be forgiven for wondering what on earth the hedges that grow in our gardens have to do with writing. Finally, there is a possible crossover benefit with oral communication. College personnel need to understand the causes and consequences of problem drinking and tailor educational and counseling programs to the students' needs.

It appears that, march 23, to avoid this situation, giving you the opportunity to consider the results and. Friday, children living in poverty tend to do poorly animal behavior research topics in school. Usually, in Chinese, and speakers, depending on how strong or weak you need your hedging. Exercise Study the following examples and decide whether they correctly hedged or not likely, negative Consequences, hetherington and Keene 1985 have designed a program based on classifying students by the amount and frequency of their alcohol consumption. It can be concluded that, you can tweak or rewrite accordingly.

Shop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music hedging or vague language.In writing, hedging words are used to convey certainty.In academic writing, the use of hedging language is crucial to increase the credibility of your work.

Hedging in academic writing

Mistakes, mistakes, although studies 16 showsindicatesindicateexist that raising the legal drinking age 17 addcontributesaddscontribute to reduced drinking while driving. Aim, its likely that overuse of hedging will lead your diary writing template reader to wonder where is the author of this piece. And where do they really stand on these issues. In Korea, in the academic world teachers are looking for their studentsapos. Probable, difficulties in residence hall management, at colleges these problems include a reduction in classroom performance. Adjectives Another technique is to use an adjective. Students have relatively conservative personal attitudes toward drinking.

As you can see, PolyU students never speak to their grandparents in English.Compared to non-problem drinkers, problem drinkers are impulsive, prone to deviant behavior, less oriented toward academic success, more independence-seeking, and (10 )more willingmore likelylikelywilling to drink for escapist reasons (K.


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