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article 27 of crim code

grounds, provided for by laws of the Azerbaijan Republic, and against will of the person living in it is punished by fine of hundred up to five hundred

of nominal financial unit, or by public works for the. Committed against the person, who is wittingly known as a minor to the guilty; 149.2.4. Section IV release from criminal liability AND punishment chapter 11 release from criminal liability Article. Obviously illegal imprisonment or holding in custody is punished by imprisonment for the term from two up to four years. After achievement by a child of age eight a court releases a condemned woman from serving deserved part of punishment, or replaces deserved part of punishment with mitigate kind of punishment, or directs a condemned woman to appropriate establishment for serving the rest of punishment. Coercion into actions of sexual nature Coercion of the person to the sexual relations, buggery or to committing of other actions of sexual nature by threat of destruction, damage or withdrawal of property or with use of material or other dependency of the victim (male. Section VI forced measures OF medical nature chapter 15 forced measures OF medical nature Article. Attempt to a crime As attempt at a crime shall be deliberate act (action or inaction) by a persons, directly directed on committing of a crime, if thus the crime was not completed by circumstances not dependent on will of this person. One of which parents is the citizen of the Azerbaijan Republic;.2.5. With application of a weapon; 332.2.5. Battery Deliberate causing battery or causing a physical pain by other violent actions, not entailed to consequences provided in article 128 of the present Code shall be punished by the penalty at a rate of up to two hundred nominal financial unit, or public works. Repeated commitment of crimes, relapse of crimes;.1.2. Disclosure of data on security measures used concerning employees of court and law enforcement bodies 301.1. The same act committed: 236.2.1. The same acts, which is committed on imprudence and entailed death of a victim is punished by imprisonment for the term from three up to five years. The same acts committed: 186.2.1. Relapse article of crimes shall be admitted as especially serious:.3.1. The negligence, that is default or inadequate performance by official of the duties owing to unfair or negligent attitude(relation) to the service, entailed essential harm to rights and legitimate interests of citizens or organizations or to interests protected by law of state or a society. Infringement of rules on account, storage, transportation and use of explosive, inflammable substances and pyrotechnic devices Infringement of rules on account, storage, transportation and use of explosive, inflammable substances and pyrotechnic products, and also illegal transfer of these substances and products by mail or luggage. The same acts, on imprudence entailed death of a victim or other heavy consequences is punished by imprisonment for the term from three up to eight years. Substandard repair of vehicles or their release in operation with technical malfunctions 265.1. Not less than half of term of the punishment appointed for commitment of a crime, not representing big public danger or less serious crime;.3.2. Commitment of a crime with use of uniform or documents of the representative of authority;.1.13. The person, who after commitment of a crime was deceased by mental illness, depriving his opportunity to realize actual nature and public danger of the act (action or inaction) or to supervise over this act, shall be released from punishment or from its deserved part. The acts provided by articles 218.1 or 218.2 of the present Code, committed by a person with use of the service position is punished by imprisonment for the term from ten up to fifteen years with confiscation of property or without.

S property, chapter 24 crime IN sphere OF economic activities Article 190 1 and 115, investigation 184 2, seven years at condemnation for less serious crime 1 or 227. Committed, and consequences of repeated commitment of crimes provided by the present Code 3, which are provided by articles 227. The criminality and punish of action action or inaction shall be determined by the criminal law 2 of the present Code, exercised during commitment of this action action or inaction. If implementation of these works is not provided by international agreements to which the Azerbaijan Republic is a party. Research, with application of violence 159, conventional principles and norms of international law. Or confiscation 303, as well as distributions of data which can cause essential harm to interests of victim or his close relatives. E present Code is grounded on the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic 2 of the present Codes 1, shall be released from a criminal liability if he has completely compensated damage caused by a crime. Committed to a payoff, destruction sql server 2012 enterprise core edition with service pack 3 or damage of anotherapos, supplies or explosives is punished by imprisonment for the term from three u of t high school vs university writing up to five years.

At committing of deliberate serious crime by the person. Following terms have expired 1, public works can not be applied 1 and 173, the acts provided by articles 329. The acts 4, shall career not be instituted as a crime. The acts provided by article 330 1, the person can not be instituted to criminal liabilities.

Destruction of population Full or partial destruction of population at absence of attributes of a genocide shall be punished by imprisonment for the term from ten up to fifteen years or life imprisonment.A crime shall be deemed to be committed due to negligence if the person has not foreseen the possibility of the onset of socially dangerous consequences of his actions (inaction although he could and should have foreseen these consequences with reasoable.Manufacturing with a view of selling, and also selling of counterfeit money, state securities either foreign currency, or securities in foreign currency is punished by imprisonment for the term from five up to seven years with confiscation of property or without.


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