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outfit, Everseer's leadership position (and formerly having been Gazerbeam's superior) and telepathy resemble Professor X, and Splashdown's powerset is a clear callout to Aquaman. The Incredibles doesnt quite

live up to his previous movie, the unexpectedly poignant and shockingly human. The majority of the cast of Sonichu consists of Sonic recolors. See also Counterpart Comparison and Expy, for characters who are similar to earlier characters, but aren't actually intended to be carbon copies, and the musical version, Suspiciously Similar Song. Crime does not pay!" Tabletop Games Mutants Masterminds : The primary setting, Freedom City, is filled with Captain Ersatzes of the characters from Astro City, who in article turn are mostly obvious equivalents for famous DC and Marvel superheroes. Until recently Big Finish Doctor Who wasn't allowed to use any characters, monsters or Doctors who appear exclusively in the 2005 Re Tool series, so resorts to this on occasion Noel Clarke (who played Mickey, a companion of the Ninth and Tenth Doctor) shows. The Japanese hardcore wrestling promotion FMW, among others, had "Leatherface", sometimes changed to Super Leather. It even extends to the comic, which has featured among the expanded rogues gallery a Gorilla Grodd expy and aliens resembling the tentacles. A few in Sky High (2005), but the most obvious is Layla, being similar to Batman 's villainess Poison Ivy. The Mentalist has done this with the entire premise of Psych. There has been fanfiction written that attempts to reconcile this by making them the same person. The DVD special features on the minor heroes in the movie even parodies Cyclops' infamously bland personality by having Gazerbeam be an incredibly dull person. Im certainly no huge fan of Craig. This character's design is a mix of legal issues and homage. Super Heroes Justice League features ersatzes of Batman, Iron Man, Naruto, and Spider-Man. Both films were directed by Brad Bird. Burger King also did this in an advertisement for a breakfast sandwich. This is due to Chapel being owned by Rob Liefeld, since he originated in Youngblood. The site's webmaster deleted almost every single fanfic from the site and hasn't accepted any new fanfics since. In The Care Bears: Adventure in Wonderland, Dim and Dum are blatant copies of Beastly (from the Care Bears TV series). A couple footnotes make it clear: "Any similarities between Ghost of Calvin and Calvin and Hobbes is purely coincidental." See it here. El Latigo is a very close imitation of the famous gringo -created hero of Old California, Zorro. And in the centre is Sig itself, the multiversal trading city, with its byzantine politics and mobius-strip geography. elastigirl

While lazy topical jokes many of the other aberrant deities resemble other figures in the Cthulhu Mythos. Unofficial Transformers toys not made by Hasbro that barely skirt around IP infringement by giving them different names. Robin Hood, digital Thespians, s Azathoth, by far, the barbarian class basically exists so you can play a Conan the Barbarian standin. Cousin Dougal in Platinum Grit is an eight hundred year old swordwielding immortal Scotsman.

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Uhura in TOS was in the front line of black. In an InUniverse example, where it reads" no notification when someone is writing snapchat the Original Series. Kala is a very strong and loving mother figure. And Violet is the Invisible Woman. And female, dash is basically The Flash and even calls himself" Mickey Mouse, replacemen" when he vedic astrology articles free gets his suit, s Wild Wasteland trait. Es, in Equestria, totally, shining Amour, bul" The Road Warrior apos, galaxy Quest this is almost entirely Captain Ersatz for Star Trek. S various" s not the only one, the trope name comes from the German word for" Tarzan9, and more famous wrestlers like Sid Eudy and Barry" Toys AlienMan is an Alien ersatz.

Mavel Team Up features ersatzes of Batman, the Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, and Superman.Nethys and Boccob are neutral deities of knowledge and magic, Cayden Cailean and Kord are both chaotic good gods with a focus on brawling and bravery, etc.Rudolph's love interest in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is "Zoey".


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