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auto mechanic articles for small shops

with. In recent years, the systems and components of these vehicles have become more complex. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS these may include lathes, welding equipment, pneumatic wrenches, jacks

and hoists ( www. He said, This is so easy!' Gutierrez katrina said. The top 10 percent earn more than 65,430, while the bottom 10 percent earn less than 22,610. As a mechanic, you may find yourself performing tune-ups, flushing fuel systems, testing ignition and emission systems, installing air conditioning systems, replacing brakes and even building engines and transmissions. Victory Auto helps their customers get to know their employees with posts that share personal accomplishments. Skill Requirements for Mechanics, automotive, diesel and small engine mechanics perform a wide range of services on vehicles that are becoming increasingly complex. Job Description, auto repair owners are responsible for the duties of any mechanic, plus the responsibilities of running the business. We started out with more learning articles and links, but found that those were not highly interesting to people, said Gutierrez. Gutierrez spends between three and five hours a week managing their social media. Precautions for Working on Vehicles, require that all employees who operate motor vehicles are properly licensed, and that they use safety belts while operating motor vehicles. Owner Jeff Matt started, victory Auto Service and Glass in 1997 with one shop in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Victory Autos most popular video shows how to top off windshield washer fluid. Safe workplace habits can greatly reduce the potential for injury in the automotive repair industry. You may need to use special tools like calipers to measure the condition of brake rotors and drums or bearing pullers to repair flywheels and pumps. Train employees on the proper use of fire extinguishers and the proper techniques for combating different types of fires. When we do that successfully, theres a lot more loyalty that we get back from our customers. Victory Auto and Glass uses Facebook to post photos from their shops. You might never make your service area completely free of danger, but you can significantly reduce the risk of injury by providing regular training and requiring that technicians follow basic safety procedures on the job. Their focus on promoting their female-friendly business is reaping results online and in person. For the how-to videos, We are going for really simple stuff, said Gutierrez. She admits that for some businesspeople, this is out of their comfort zone. Without social media, some of those stories arent told. Avoid loose clothing that could get caught in machines or equipment. She reasoned it was exactly the type of thing people would watch on YouTube so they wouldnt have to ask someone.

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Six or seven of the 30 employees are active on Facebook. Keep safety data sheets for all chemicals present. And the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence offers a certification exam that lends you credibility in the field. The government requires certification for handling refrigerants. Industry, as well as customer testimonials and shop tours. Which they take advantage of for tagging. Thanks to advances in technology, many of whom are customers, which helps. We have to connect with our customers if were going to be a viable longterm business. Ll need to learn how to use an array of tools 500 Facebook friends, these experienced mechanics oversee the employees in the repair shop. Some auto repair shop owners work out of a homebased garage.

How does a small auto repair business develop a thriving Facebook page-with over 60 percent female fans?Owner Jeff Matt started Victory.Auto, service and Glass in 1997 with one shop in the suburbs of Minneapolis.

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When Gutierrez told her friends she was working public for an auto repair shop. Including safety glasses, most popular YouTube video has over. S salary even more than time on the job. Business profitability and scale can affect an auto repair shop ownerapos. Commuting, you should have some roots that grow into the community.

Tagging customers can be hit or miss, so Victory tags employees as often as possible.Organization : Victory Auto Service Glass.


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