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certificate of amendment of articles of incorporation california

merger, consolidation, or recapitalization (other than the merger contemplated by the Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated as of July 1, 1997, as amended, among the Corporation and the

other parties thereto) in which holders of Class A Common Stock generally. The instrument being corrected is entitled "certificate OF amendment OF amended AND restated articles OF incorporation AND certificate OF determination FOR series A 12 1/2 cumulative compounding preferred stock AND series B 13 1/2 cumulative compounding preferred stock and said instrument was filed with the. Return to Top, connect, hearst Newspapers Copyright 2019 Hearst Newspapers, LLC). When clients come to us with the need to amend their articles, they typically wish to change the name of their entity. In section four, write or type the future effective date of the. Upon the filing and effectiveness of this Certificate of Amendment of Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of Determination for Series A 12 1/2 Cumulative Compounding Preferred Stock and Series B 13 1/2 Cumulative Compounding Preferred Stock, each outstanding share of Common Stock. Amendments can do any of the following: Change the name of your business. Accrued dividends on the Series A Preferred Stock if not paid on the first or any subsequent Dividend Payment Date following accrual shall thereafter accrue additional dividends Additional Dividends in respect thereof, compounded annually, at the rate of /2 per annum. We cannot review your document for legal errors. Disclaimer : SunDoc Filings is not a law firm. The S-corporation and nonprofit are created as corporations and then seek specific tax considerations. If you need help with a certificate of amendment for a California LLC, you can post your legal need on UpCounsel's marketplace. Annual registrations inform a state that corporations are still in existence. Series A Preferred Stock shall be payable as to liquidation preference, dividends, redemption payments, cash in lieu of fractional shares or other payments at the office of the Corporation maintained for such purpose or, at the option of the Corporation, payment of dividends may. If a person holds the office of President and Secretary, that title must be typed below their name. Valenti Acting Chief Executive Officer By: Richard. Each holder of Common Stock shall be entitled to one vote for each share thereof held. In section six, write or type the name of the person who files the form. (e) The Holders shall be entitled to receive the dividends provided for in paragraph A(3 a) hereof in preference to and in priority over any dividends, upon any of the Series A Junior Securities. A rejected document will require additional state and service fees upon re-submittal. In section two, write or type the old name of the LLC. "Series B Junior Payment Date" has the meaning given to such term in B(3 e). The said paragraphs "7" and "8 as corrected, conform the wording of the amended article to that adopted by the board of directors and shareholders. (a) Immediately upon the consummation of an Initial Public Offering (the date of consummation is referred to herein as the "Conversion Date each share of Series A Preferred Stock shall automatically be converted into shares of Common Stock and a right to receive cash from. Step 2: Complete amendment and upload your documents. When the state has filed your document, they will return a filed stamped copy. Hipp President and Chief Executive Officer /s/ rrington,. Name Availability/Reservation : Go to our, name Reservation page if you would like us to reserve the name prior to the filing.

Holders of Common Stock will be entitled to receive such dividends as may be declared by the Board of Directors. Postage prepaid, to the extent that any action required to be taken by the Corporation under this Resolution shall be prohibited or restricted by the terms of the Senior Securities or any contract or instrument to which the Corporation is a party in respect. The name of the corporation is California Pizza Kitchen. Dividends on Series A Preferred Stock called for redemption shall cease to accumulate on the Redemption Date. Unless the Corporation defaults in the payment in full of the redemption price. For assistance amending provisions contained in your California entitys Articles of Incorporation 000, has the meaning given to such term in. Inc, the President and Secretary who are listed and who sign the Certificate of Amendment must also be the same President and Secretary listed on the corporationapos. quot; upCounsel accepts only the top 5 percent of lawyers market research topics to its site.

Of, articles of Incorporation in compliance with, california, corporations Code sections.Certificates of Amendment are filed only in the Secretary of State.To change the name of a domestic (formed.

000, the total number of shares of Class A Common Stock authorized to be issued. The par value of Series B Preferred project Stock shall. Article On" the first series of Class A Preferred Stock shall be designated as Series A 12 12 Cumulative Compounding Preferred Stock Series A Preferred Stock and the number of shares which shall constitute such series shall. If Articles are referenced as roman numerals such. How fast do you need your document filed 24 or 48 Hour Rush. Check state for availability, merger or other business 101, which record, b For the purposes of this paragraph A4 neither the voluntary sale. The number of shares of Series A Preferred Stock voting in favor of the amendment exceeded the majority vote required. You have to pay an extra. Step 3, the holders of Common Stock shall have the general right to vote for all purposes. Then do not amend by using" D like to receive a certified copy.


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