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hurricane katrina articles 2005

to open New Orleans neighborhoods renewed the tensions between local and federal officials over recovery efforts in the region. Photos: Hurricane Katrina: Then and now Then Water floods

a cemetery outside. Many of the Jefferson Parish's 460,000 residents were caught in a traffic jam. They were a bit battered and bruised, but mostly undernourished. Officials battle debris, widespread mold, and the resulting smells. He and his officials have been accused of not caring about the people in New Orleans who were trapped there when the city flooded. 25, Katrina was a moderate Category 1 hurricane. The increased funding is "just the first step of about 10 that we need to take said.S. Katrina was the strongest hurricane in the history of hurricanes. Money to rebuild the New Orleans levees will nearly double from.6 billion.1 billion, the federal government said this week. "It doesn't bother me, because you know it's for a good cause said Rita Defendini, a volunteer from CitiGroup. Now New homes stand along the rebuilt Industrial Canal levee on May 16, 2015. Credit: nasa, as Katrina made landfall, its front-right quadrant, which held the strongest winds, slammed into Gulfport and Biloxi, Mississippi, devastating both cities. "We watched all the recent tragedies on the news and we just want to do what we can." Back to Top Governor Kathleen Blanco testifies before the Senate Finance Committee on September 28, 2005, in Washington,.C. Probably the biggest urban reconstruction project in the history of the United States." President George. They are handling the more than 2,000 requests received on their hotline. More than 30,000 National Guard troops are now in the area helping with the search and rescue. Now A school bus drops off a student in front of the Claiborne Bridge on May 12, 2015. People along the Gulf Coast in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi were left homeless by the Category 5 hurricane. Highway 98 bridge over the Mobile River. Mayor Ray Nagin has said he believed 80 of the city's 485,000 residents have heeded his order for a mandatory evacuation of the city. "It's just heartbreaking said Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, who ordered the evacuation. The houses will now be shipped to partnering affiliates in Houston, Fort Worth, and College Station, Texas, and donated to the families who permanently relocated there following the hurricanes. "Everything they need is right here." More than 20,000 young Katrina victims are now settled in schools in the greater Houston area.

Additional reporting by Reference Editor Tim Sharp. Along with financial assistance from local businesses. S effects on the economy will soon be cma essay questions part 1 felt nationwide. According to Jansen, led to 40 new" this is not a city under siege how to check if an essay is plagiarized he told reporters. He called on Americans to use less gasoline in the coming weeks and months. Katrina is capable of causing catastrophic damage said National Hurricane Center director Max Mayfield. S why I want them back in school Christina said.

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He was, this is unbelievable Jonathon Carol said. The categorytwo storm flung boats topics onto article Mississippi. Flooded roads in Alabama and swamped bridges in Florida. The houses are reassembled and finished by volunteers working in the disaster areas. S Before the appointment, the speech came three weeks after the hurricane and was intended to calm a political storm.


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