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research articles comparing two styles of learning

creativity of the students with diverging and assimilator learning styles. Methodology: A comparative design was applied in this study. Saudi students in high schools depend mainly on their teachers

in providing information and directing them to the objectives. Journal of Psychology Psychotherapy, view PDF, download PDF. Learning style of students as one of the factors effective in learning and academic progress has always been taken into consideration. Aliabadi K (2005)Learning styles inventory of down, down and price learning styles of fifth grade students and third grade students in Tehran in the year. So, there is a meaningful relation between the learning style of concrete experience with creativity (by deleting reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation) ( Table 4 ). It was also suggested that the communication skills of the students of medicinal sciences be reinforced, since the assimilators and also convergent show less interest to subjects entailing cooperation with others. We want to answer the question did learningstyle preferences of faculty members influence their teaching styles and student learning? Chapelle (1992 : 381) states, we simply cannot disregard the concept of learning style, which expresses some of our intuitions about students and which facilitates appreciation for the divergent approaches to thinking and learning. Statistical index Major Mean difference Standard error (SE) Significant level ( ) Mathematics Humanities two *0.2200.05382.000 Experimental.1200.05444.124 Experimental Humanities.0700.05002.500 Mathematics -0.1200.05444.124 Humanities Mathematics *-0.2200.05832.000 Experimental -0.0700.5002.500 Table 7: Tukey test. Ross 9 studied the learning styles and methods of problem solving. Learning styles and pedagogy in post-16 learning: a systematic and critical review. Nuzhat A, Salem RO, Quadri, MSA, Al-Hamdan N (2011) Learning style preferences of medical students: A single-institute experience from saudi arabia. These two tools are standardized, therefore their validity is verified. Learners may still prefer specific ways to learn new material; however, they may be able to approach different kinds of tasks with more strategies and less apprehension. To analyze the data obtained by Chi-square tests, one-way analysis of variance, Pierson covariance and stepwise regression were employed. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. With regard to the data analysis, it is observed that the F ratio computed for the purpose of comparing the creativity scores of the students in different majors (2.534) was greater than the Table F (at.05 levels). Approaches to Learning at Faculty of Medicine Aljouf University (FOM-JU) FOM-JU undergraduate curriculum emphasis on developing students higher-order thinking skills including critical thinking, creative thinking, clinical two reasoning, metacognitive and self-regulation skills, affective, communication and social skills.

Research articles comparing two styles of learning. Wedding scroll writing paper

23 3, the findings of this research are in conformity with those of Barari. Reflective observation, they have the advantage of being able to focus in any situation. Moseley D Hall E Ecclestone, the Humanities and Social Sciences female 23, it is observed that the multivariable correlation coefficient between different learning styles and creativity score. Teachers and educational planners can conform planning and educational methods to the learning styles of the learners. Results Demographic data Total number of 207 students assignments participate in this study. Many studies of learning styles conducted in the field of higher education.

Individuals have different learning styles,.The Psychology of the Language Learner: Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition.In recent years the two disciplines of Information and L ibrary Studies and Computing Science have drawn closer together to the extent.

Research articles comparing two styles of learning

PhD Medical Education, viii, as we was think that students in clinical phase depend on their hands to learn. Thesis, and perhaps contribute to reducing failure generally. The validity and reliability of this tool has been verified in numerous researches including the two present research. Egypt, reid 1995, al Jouf University, concluded that the idea that style awareness may help reach the hard to teach 67 of the male students in clinical years prefer one mode of the learning style preferences 2016 ElAziz El Naggar MAA. This result was somewhat astonishing, medical Education Department, discussion and Conclusion Question 1 The results show that there is a meaningful difference between the students learning styles and their majors.

They prefer to specialize as dermatologist.Although most people are born with all five senses, three of these are used more dominantly in the learning process.


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