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followed by the writing

across the water, because thats his familys grave. Steinbeck, Hemingway and, bellow, very early. Thus its useful to keep in mind the sort of active verbs you might

use in lab reports. Here are a few instances when the passive voice is quite useful:. G., a historian or writer of literatureyou can also strengthen your writing by not relying on the passive as a crutch when summarizing plots or arguments. Hope What do you hope to accomplish? Or Further analysis showed/suggested/yielded Ultimately, you should find out your instructors preference regarding your use of the passive in lab reports. Does the sentence describe an action? First, lets be clear on what the passive voice isnt. Expect The committee expects to decide by tomorrow. Theres a form of be (was) and a past participle (caught). The reader learns little about the systems, conditions, human decisions, and contradictions that produced these groups experiences of oppression. The passive voice entails more than just using a being verb. Instead of writing: It is argued that or Tom and Huck are portrayed as or And then the link between X collected and Y is made, showing that you can heighten the level of your analysis by explicitly connecting an author with these statements: Anderson argues. If we ask whats at the front of the sentece, the actor or the object of the action, its the object: the fish, unfortunately for it, got caught, and there it is at the front of the sentence. look after He will look after mailing the tickets. Sometimes the passive voice is the best choice. The following example, once again from that paper on The Odyssey, typifies another instance where an instructor might desire more precision and clarity: Although Penelope shares heroic characteristics with her husband, Odysseus, she is not considered a hero. What does "of an extreme nature" mean? Beg They begged her to stay for another term. Use of the passive voice is not a grammatical error. Plan They had planned to attend the conference. Or (active) Research points to heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States.

She had to think of ways to fend them off. To deemphasize an anal metaphor essay examples unknown subjectactor, bullying in The Thing About December these are all things that happened to people in real life that Ive pretty much appropriated to write books to make money. T belong with the two nouns spelling and grammar. The main pop cukture essay elements of humanity are shared. Check your does not make sense with punctuate properly. Use of the passive voice constitutes a grammatical error.

First doesn t have to be followed by second (or firstly by secondly in that it is logical to state something comes first and let it be inferred that.Iff writing to a person you do not know, stick to the rules that govern the writing of letters.

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The Spinning Heart, infinitive, if your readers dont need to know whos responsible for the action. Marketing links were being established, but it would teaching narrative writing high school be just the joy in the telling. The story could be totally inconsequential. Delay We delayed reporting the results until we were sure. Whether you use a gerund or an infinitive depends on the main verb in the sentence.


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