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journal articles on infidelity

things you plan to do in the future?" O'Sullivan asks. For example, marital satisfaction is negatively associated with attachment insecurity ( Feeney, Noller, Callan, 1994 ; ; ) and

infidelity ( Glass Wright, 1985 ; Wiggins Lederer, 1984 yet satisfaction was not controlled in the studies reported by either or Bogaert and Sadava (2002). We are aware of three published reports describing a total of 10 studies that have addressed the role of attachment in predicting infidelity. Finally, attachment insecurity is associated with various other individual differences in personality that are also associated with attachment and infidelity. What were partners able to express there that they could no longer express with their journal articles on infidelity spouses? What would a more defensible legal regime look like? Strikingly frank when she talks about sex, O'Sullivan loves stereotype-busting findings that betray our inconsistency. Commitments get in the way. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 41, 201-208. The discovery or disclosure of an extramarital affair can have a devastating impact on partners, both individually and on the relationships. In cases that do not involve multiple affairs, when the cheater expresses remorse and both partners are devastated, "Please don't get a divorce. "Life gets in the way Cristina says. And yet infidelity remains a dealbreaker. But it also challenges the conventional and invites us to rethink assumptions about sexual exclusivity. Especially when it came to grey areas such as having lunch, studying late, doing favours, providing emotional support or sharing secrets or gifts with someone outside of a relationship, the study respondents grew wary of their partners while justifying their own dicey behaviour. Why is this the quintessential betrayal? Snchez Sosa, Hernández Guzmán, Romero, 1997 ; Spanier Margolis, 1983 it is also a strong predictor of divorce (. Additionally, given that avoidantly-attached individuals tend to be less committed to their relationships on average, which has been shown to predict infidelity in unmarried individuals, we also predicted that attachment avoidance would also be positively associated with engaging in infidelity. How would such a legal regime affect the institution of marriage? Of course few people really like to clarify these concepts.". Along with them, a community of researchers, authors and therapists now hazards that extramarital affairs long considered the greatest betrayal don't have to be intolerable, but can in some cases strengthen a marriage, jolting spouses out of bad, familiar habits. Accordingly, they may be more likely than individuals low in attachment anxiety to seek intimacy with another partner through infidelity. Factor in the crippling hack of cheaters' hookup website Ashley Madison last July which saw the names, street addresses and sexual desires of 37 million user accounts leaked to the world and it's clear that, despite societal censure, infidelity is completely pervasive. Given the political obstacles to reform, courts should be prepared to strike down such statutes in the absence of legislative reform. Alternatively, it is possible that security in either partner is sufficient to decrease the likelihood of infidelity, such that spouses will only demonstrate an increased likelihood of infidelity if they and their partner are both high in attachment insecurity.

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Journal articles on infidelity

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