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mitosis essay questions

upper jaw, upper lip, lower eye-lid and carries the impulses from these areas to brain and hence. Between the two eyes on the mid-dorsal line is present a small

circular and lightly coloured, but a conspicuous patch, known as brow spot which represents vestigial pineal eye. So each eye of this animal forms a separate image mitosis essay questions of the object. This sudden action of the tongue is brought about by a protractor and a retractor hypoglossus muscles, (viii) Glottis and opening of oesophagus (gullet A slit like opening, the glottis opens into the laryngotracheal chamber. The food is now in a semi-liquid state known as chyme. Think about most action movies you've seen. Use specific evidence to justify the argument you're making. The walls of the stomach secrete a hormone, the gastrin, which stimulates the gastric glands to release the gastric juice. It can store the urine for some time. The stratum spongiosum is composed of highly blood vascular network of loose fibrous connective tissues, therefore, spongy in nature and richly supplied by nerve fibres and contains many lymph spaces. They help in the clotting of blood, by producing the thrombin enzyme. Essay on the Interaction of Frog with Mankind. Example: It slows heart beat. There needs to be a point. The skull of frog consists of cranium, sense capsules and jaws. This winter-sleep is known as hibernation. Another key element to storytelling is pacing. To access released items from the paper-based tests: View the released items in the released item documents, which display items from the paper-based next-generation tests and the legacy tests in PDF format. Advertisements: In telolecithal eggs the yolk is concentrated in the vegetal half. The muscles controlling the movement of eye ball are attached. Testis is composed of a large number of small tubes, the seminiferous tubules, which look rounded in section.

Each testis remains attached with the dorsal wall of the abdomen and kidney. Situated one on either side of the vertebral column in the posterior part of the body cavity. With the help of a thin peritoneum. There are present many horizontal and some bundles of vertical connective tissue essay when to write number fibres. The bile as such does not contain any digestive enzyme. Thus both oxygenated and deoxygenated bloods are mixed in the ventricle.

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Practice tests are available in both computerbased and paperbased formats. A pair of article forelimb and hindlimb is appended to the trunk. Posterior portion of sacculus forms two small rounded outgrowths. So, the sodium carbonate salt of bile makes it alkaline. The two systems excretory and reproductive are closely associated with each other and form urinogenital system. It consists of the alimentary canal and the associated digestive glands. Muscles and skin of lower jaw. It is sensory in nature, frog has been used as an experimental material for teaching and researches. Try it riskfree, it secretes melatonin hormone which affects the colour of the skin and inhibits gonad function.

Later on the cells shift to the outer surface and become extremely thin, inactive and ultimately dead to form the outermost layer of epidermis, which is termed as stratum corneum.(iv) Intestinal glands: These glands are present in the small intestine which secretes the intestinal juice.


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