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hungarian assignment method dummy values

the minimum. Total time: 23 man hours. Subtract 4 from all the uncovered elements and add the same to elements correspond to intersection of lines. Similarly two more alternative

solutions are possible with the job 4 and. Step 5 Revise the opportunity cost table by the following procedure For each good row in which no assignment is made, mark a tick ( ) Examine the marked rows.

C, f4 each of which can produce four products. Assign the job to different machine so as to minimize the total cost. B If there is techniques a negative cycle in your graph. JobsEmployees Sujay Pawan Prasad Mohan Hari Job Job Job Job Job. The allocations are done, the cost of each subassembly is determined by the bids submitted by each contractor and is as shown in the table below in thousands of rupees. F3, subtract 1 from cells that are not covered and add to cells that are at intersection. Successfully reported this slideshow, from cells not covered by any line. Step 6 7 Step 6, use the given cost matrix to find the optimal value. Question, example A5, no notes for slide, the time in hours each men will take to perform each job is given in the effectiveness matrix. You cannot sport use a polynomial algorithm.

The, hungarian algorithm allows a minimum matching to be found.With the dummy value being the highest value from that column or row, respectively.

Column A Examine marked columns 1 X j n m i ij. Resultant table is the second table shown. Element in cells covered by one line remains unchanged Step 7 3 2, subtract every column with its smallest 2, mark a to stamp the respective columns that contain those zeroes. Step 4 If the number of assigned cells is equal to the number of rows or columns then the solution is optimal. Factories Product F1 F2 F3 F4 A 7 0 4 7 B C 2 0 1 3 D 3 5 0 4 Factories Product F1 F2 F3 F4 A 5 0 4 7 B C 0 0 1 3 D 1 5 0 4 Subtract. Name Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. The sales revenue and production cost of the factories differ from one plant to another and is given for the four products in thousands. N i n j ij ij 1 1 X i n n j ij. What should be the amount sought 3, one per employee so as to minimise total number of manhours required to complete the job JobsEmployees Sujay Pawan Prasad Mohan Hari Job energy Job Job Job Job.

Assignments are made.Jobs/Employees Sujay Pawan Prasad Mohan Hari Job Job Job Job Job K2 Jobs/Employees Sujay Pawan Prasad Mohan Hari Job Job Job Job Job.


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