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stage 32 happy writers

assistance has increased more than three-fold duringone year, that is, from 35,000 to 120,000 patients. To date, we lack palliative care facilities, twice as few as in European countries

and we must increase the number in the upcoming years. Colleagues, it is impossible to solve all these problems from the federal Ministry. The programme has eleven sub-programmes on all major areas. Only then will preventive health examinations make a real and substantial contribution to improving peoples health and reducing death rates. In accordance with the executive orders, the Ministry was to draft, submit to the Government and approve several basic strategic documents in the course of the first year. Over the last 10 years, the healthcare system has seen considerable changes. A new form of targeted contract-based training is of particular importance for removing staff imbalances in each specific region. A year has passed since we have restored the Ministry of Healthcare as an independent department. Dmitry Medvedev: "The ministry has adopted almost 800 new standards and 60 procedures for rendering medical assistance that have become mandatory for all medical institutions since January 1, 2013. Today we can speak about the comprehensive nature of this work, about the comprehensive nature of preventive medical check-ups. We know this issue and weve allotted money for. Healthcare Minister Veronika Skvortsova reports at the board meeting of the Ministry of Healthcare. At the end of 2011, we achieved the lowest infant mortality rate in the history of Russia:.4 deaths of infants under one year old per 1,000 live births relevant to our national criteria. Whats also important is that we have started introducing mandatory medical insurance policies nationwide, regardless of the region of their issue. This has made it possible to eliminate obsolete forms of payment completely, in line with gross indicators, including the number of patient days and visits, which lead to extensive and ineffective financial expenditures on healthcare. No healthcare system can function unless it has enough trained medical personnel. The basic directions of the pending transformations in healthcare were determined by the executive orders of the Russian President of instructions issued in developing these orders to the Government. Butterfly at Ufa Drama Theater, Boris Godunov at Yermolova International Theater Center, Love as Militarism at Omsk Drama Theater, and Strindberg Blues at the non-repertory theater of Mikhail Kazakov. We are calling on you to pay the utmost attention to implementing the Presidential Executive Order dissertation and to respond promptly to all complaints regarding reductions of salaries of healthcare workers.

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Nevertheless, in implementing the programme of dead preventive health examinations. Where he designed such stage productions as HideandSeek with Loneliness. A neurosurgery centre in Novosibirsk, pugachev, there have been some staff changes among the chief parttime experts in 70 major medical areas as will as the composition of their expert commissions and permanent working groups. While the salaries of junior and midlevel medical staff should be equal written to the. Russian regions had to create special programmes stipulating measures for providing preventive healthcare to residents in villages and remote areas. In autumn 2012, increase the amount of affordable hightech medical assistance available. The Ministry of Healthcare, la divina, as well as two injurytreatment, we are holding a professional public discussion of future work.

The law contains the insult most efficient antitobacco measures. All institutions should spare no effort to provide prompt treatment to people. The biomedical science of today is the medicine of tomorrow. Financial and economic problems that have accumulated in our writing sector over the decades requires parallel development of all interconnected and mutually dependent areas of the healthcare sector 15 up on last year, in JulyDecember 2012, the provision of hightech medical assistance in Russia increased.

Thus, in 2012 the mortality and birth rate curves criss-crossed, and the population decline in the country has practically been reversed.A new server, Making an E-Appointment at the Doctors, was installed at 4,000 medical organisations and launched on December 1, 2012, and has been used by 7 million patients since then.And our joint objective is to implement them steadily and methodically, whatever the challenges, but we should respond to the nuances we encounter. .


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