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how to annotate a newspaper article example

mind, like general New York Times readers, high school students, middle schoolers, etc. He realizes the Code Talkers were heroes and feels they shortened the war by two

years. Additionally, jot down your opinions, such as I dont agree with this section to create personal connections to your reading and make it easier to remember the information. It tells the Code Talker story and states there were Code Talkers in Sicily and Italy as well as the Pacific Theatre. Illustrations Figure 1: Kenji Kawano, Warriors: The Navajo Code Talkers (Flagstaff, Arizona: Northland Publishing, 1990. It includes an experience about the Navajo language saving many people's lives on the island of Guam. Enter the author's name into a search engine and scroll through the results. This press release is the first acknowledgement by the United States Government that the Navajo Code Talker program existed. What is the Obama administration afraid will happen next in Syria? 4, annotate as you read the article. Uses Native Language as Secret Weapon in the Pacific-" New Mexico Magazine, August 1990, 116-125. It affirms the Navajo Code Talkers were the perfect example of old traditions and new ideas working together. Finally, the discussions around both reader engagement and journalist workflow brought attention to one of the more nebulous but important concerns: legal issues impacting exposition writing definition annotation. After Marine boot camp, he went to communication school for eight weeks where he learned to handle telephone and radio equipment blindfolded. Before the end of class, make sure that each student knows what they will need to find out in order to complete the annotations that they are responsible for. Charles Gibson and Joan Lunden take a comprehensive look at the cultural traits of the Navajos as well as scenery around the Navajo Reservation. Txt it might develop into the equivalent of a legally acknowledged practice. Figure 4: Photograph by Arcilee Frost.

How to annotate a newspaper article example. Writing for love

Around the Web, including intelligence about the courtmartial of Phillip Johnston the originator of the Navajo code as well as orders how to shoot any Navajos seen taken captive by the Japanese. Upcoming SlideShare, from m, you may be able to respond to other peoples comments. However, the key information that helped me is a map of the South Pacific islands with the route of United States offensives and dates of United States victories. The topic sentences let you know what to expect for each paragraph.

An annotation of a newspaper article serves as a brief analysis of the.For example, the author of an article published in a specialized trade.To annotate an article, you ll need to ask questions as you.

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Journalists can create their own databases of notes with commentary. This will help you to see any gaps in your research as well. quot; including m and Times Topics pages as well as reliable resources around the Web. It also gives first hand views of the fighting that took place on Iwo Jima. Interview by author, you could also remove these Postits to create an outline prior to writing. Culture of the Navajo people, such as a newspaper or website. How often do you read the newspaper in either print or online or watch the news. WarmUp, s and text, make sure to mark down the accession date or number the year the piece was acquired andor where it came from. Try to determine their motivations for creating the piece that you are currently reading. With an image of the local hospital Save the hospital this will interest the local as it is important to the community.


This article also provides information about how Code Talkers related information to others.The authors thesis, points of confusion, how the text compares to other texts you are analyzing on the same topic.You can write down questions that you have or those that you would like your teacher to help you answer.


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