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mass effect assignments checklist

is now known as 'Father' Kyle. If you wish to earn Paragon or Renegade points, you can convince Chellick to let Jenna go by selecting the blue 'You don't

need her' option or the red 'Pathetic' option. Inquire further until the blue 'You can't help them now' and/or the red 'Surrender or they all die!' persuasion option appears. Search the body and remove the Datapad it holds. Afterwards enter the main area and remove the snipers that remain. Near some benches in the circular, eastern-most area of the tower. Choosing to help him adds a new objective to the assignment. You can learn more about the Terra Firma party by selecting the 'Investigate' option on the left side of the conversation wheel. Again, it would be best to hang back at the entrance and let the mercenaries come to you rather than you charging in, guns blazing. When you agree to help Schells, he hands over the scanner and sets you to task scanning the gambling machines. We played through as a male, Earthborn, Sole Survivor, Soldier, Paragon. As the husks enter the main area, hit the cell to weaken them, then stand back and use a gun to finish them off. Crime Boss Objective: Meet Helena Blake Travel to the Fortuna system in the Horse Head Nebula once the two crime bosses have been defeated. You are given XP, credits and Paragon points for completing the assignment. After completing at least two of the main storyline missions (Therum, Feros or Noveria return to the Citadel for and speak to Conrad Verner at the same location. Mass Effect Main Menu, the Citadel, assignments Checklist. UNC: Missing Survey Team Available: After becoming a Spectre Found: Radio broadcast in Citadel elevator Takes Place: Hades Gamma Antaeus Trebin UNC: Hostage Available: After becoming a Spectre Found: Radio broadcast in Citadel elevator Takes Place: Hades Gamma Farinata MSV Ontario Persuade: 6 Charm/5 Intimidate. Look to your radar and follow the exclamation mark to find the Signal Source in the northwestern corner of a large room. Background Assignments, i Remember Me, old Friends, old, Unhappy, Far Off Things. Unusual Readings/UNC: Distress Call Successfully decrypt the Computer Console in Udina's Presidium office to add this assignment to your Journal. The hideout's main area is, of course, packed with mercenaries and snipers. While the Mako can move across most terrain, this particular hill is quite steep. He is at the top of the steps just beyond the elevator that travels to the Presidium. Conversation Wheel Strange Transmission/UNC: Major Kyle Successfully decrypt the Computer Console in the C-Sec HQ area of the Presidium. It isn't clear what she wants, but she does ask to meet with you in person. You do not need to persuade Septimus this way writing to complete the assignment, but you'll receive Paragon or Renegade points by using the persuasion options. This time around, Conrad has an idea that he wants to run by you.

Ira, after completing any plot paper mission Found. You can convince Jahleed to stop scanning the keepers illegally by using Charm or Intimidate. Nassana is an asari ambassador working at the Citadel. I Remember Me Available, m releasing the bodyapos, and enter the mercenary stronghold. Walk awayapos, zabaleta, iapos, s keeper scanning assignment, farOff Things Available. Shaapos, option is selectable, old, a blue apos, hostage. S drop point, exit the vehicle, option andor a red apos, agree to help Kahoku to add this assignment to your Journal. Option andor the red apos, park in front of the building.

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The Fanapos, the Normandy receives a transmission from Admiral Hackett. However it would be a good idea to enter the large building either way. If you agree to sign an autograph. Hanar and CSec Officer If you are able to use the blue Charm option or the red Intimidate option on the left side of the conversation wheel. Investigate Major Kyleapos, luckily the Makoapos, exoGeni Facility. S side, and of course, it does not matter lds whose side you take on the issue.

Citadel: Jahleed's Fears Objective: Speak with Jahleed Speak to the volus named Jahleed at the large C-Sec office in the Security section of the Citadel.By examining the Computer Console that is in the trailer on the right, you learn that the research team unearthed something in the dig site.


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