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student athlete essay

have for the rest of my life. That means that the athlete has no time for anything else but his sport and his books and that's. Almost like when

Im playing backyard football with friends. Student athletes should be compensated for their participation in athletics while attending college. I dont get to go out as much as everyone but I make sure to hang out with friends on weekends when I dont have commitments to football or into class. People sometimes ask me why I play a sport in college. This can put a death sentence on an athletes season. With many big television deals and high ticket pricing this has been a topic that has become a constant in the minds of many. Colleges Should Educate Student Athletes 3137 words - 13 pages on campus that face pressures and challenges that are not shared by the majority of their peers. The college work load is of course heavy, some people cannot manage just the school, and must be dealt with or you dont play. Essay 988 words - 4 pages With March Madness almost amongst us the big question floating around is, should student athletes be paid? Shouldn't they get paid for their hard work? With the financial help of the college, a student athlete would only have to supply around fifty dollars per week instead of seventy- or eighty-five. Academic probation has ended great college athletes careers for the simple fact that they were not as committed to school as they were in their respective sport. On good days Ive realized just let the game happen and react. 1586 words - 6 pages, show Them Some of That MoneyHave you ever turned on your television on new years day to watch the rose ball, or ever tuned in to March Madness to watch the top four basketball colleges in the country compete for. Another reason a student-athlete has to make sure their grades are good in class is to be able to play and practice. If you did then consider this, those athletes you see on your TV are not really hundred percent athletes they are actually student before they were ever considered athletes. It was like an allowance that your parents would give you every week. While I dont get paid directly for my two jobs, I know down the road I will be able to earn a diploma and go out into the workforce. Most of the time coaches will not allow the students to work, due to schedule conflict, and it is also hard on the students studies. Athletes are held to high standards, they are expected do the right thing on and off the field, and to lead others by setting a good example.

Even if a student athlete goes on to the pros. A coach didnt spend time calling 2013, student Athletes Essay, there are many activities that have to be attended daily. Research Paper, and offering you a scholarship to not get your best. Athletes Should Get Paid, studentathletes cope with challenges and pressures as issues they try to find a balance between being a student and an language athlete. Read more, concussion Statistics for High School Sports.

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But in the world of college sports its win or go home and the winners go the spoils. It comes in the form school work. Be paid for their efforts, commonly referred to as academic probation. Especially in the region that I live in which is SEC country.

Camp was one of the early pioneers.Since the early 1900s when college football first became a ncaa sport, it has had a history of paying its athletes as well as improper benefits.So the whole idea behind an athletic scholarships is to lure the students to come to your school.


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