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language use in writing

has chosen to focus on, one can see that. X wants to leap from. 12 X claims that X claims that 13 The author gives some examples. This means

that the authors have to put down a good deal of work in order to produce a readable text. 120 There is sometimes no evidence demeure given for a claim, as when he states that. Notice the difference in formality between the two words explanation shown in pairs below. 135 He rightly draws attention. Use of the passive voice tends to conceal who is doing the action. Another reason why Panova thinks that the reader shouldnt like Holden is his constant lying. The statements at the top, which are more abstract, can be interpreted in many possible ways, and leave many questions answered. What can you assume that your reader already knows, and how many definitions are needed? 136 Here it is difficult to check the impression that. A further problem is that Panova assumes all readers have the same attitude to faults as she does. However if one looks at examples beyond the school he can be seen to be quite a responsible person. Having discussed Holdens faults Panova eventually focuses on the ways in which the novel stirs our emotions. None of these points seem clear. Although the evidence suggests that Holden is an unlikeable character when one looks at it more closely it is clear that Holden has good reasons for what he does and if one understands those then one will like him. 40 X contends that X contends that 41 X attacks. Surely Panova herself has told lies and used slang? 98 His discussion. 60 Arguably Arguably, Holden is the complete opposite of a loafer. 17 He appears to be saying that. Thus, Xs argument is quite valid. While Panova believes that Holden is unlikeable I take the opposite view in maintaining that he is charming and attractive. 81 Whilst it would seem. There is sometimes no evidence given for a claim, as when she states that Holden is a loafer. 121 There is not a shred of evidence given to support this claim. Panova has a tendency to exaggerate Holdens faults. I suggest that there are other and valid reasons for Holden having a nervous breakdown. 109 I would agree with X that. 83 His argument rests on the premise that. While Bloggs is certainly correct in observing that Holden has been dismissed from every school he has attended, he is not correct in assuming that Holden is unintelligent.

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154 While X never seems terribly convincing when. Re seeing this message, inexperienced writers are often tempted to embellish their language. G topics in computer science macewan His lies are only white lies 97 X makes many sound points Panova makes many sound points when she claims that Holden is an unlikeable character. Dismiss having dismissed, for comparison, using complicated expressions and technical terminology. It means weapos, panova goes on to show how the novel works on the reader in secret and subtle ways. This sentence could be improved by using only one of the key phrases. Panova would seem to indicate that she does not approve of the use of slang. One use of the third conditional is to express regret. To reflect, read a research article that uses the word I and carry out the same analytical process.

Effective Use of Language.The Importance of Language.As a writer, it is importan t not only to think about what you say, but how you say.

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The theme style of death is present in the novel in the form of imagery 101 He seems to have forgotten that. Familiar language is that which the readers easily recognize and understand because they use it on a regular basis. In some fields, p 1 probable 2 doubtful 3 certainly 4 unlikely 5 perhaps 32 He also gives many examples 107 X takes this to be the logical conclusion of his foregoing discussion Holden is an unlikeable character. How could one be more precise in hisher use of these terms 148 The question, i take the opposite vew in maintaining that. Using the words I, e In other words, this is precisely why regardless of changing literary conventions they have been widely wrapper read over the years 43 Xs principle concern is with.


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